l Trouble never felt so good l

| December 03, 2012 || 2:10 p.m. |

You play with fire and you are bound to get burned.

I started flicking that bic back in early November but ironically enough that bic bite back last night. I used a girls night in to hang out with her. Kinda of a bad idea since she's very much the sporty, country, red-neck dyke type and the friends that were in attendance (not mine) were very much the suburban, desperate housewife variety. She was bored and promptly got drunk. I did not know she had drank on an empty stomach but her antics showed her intoxication and discomfort of being around such "snooty" hetero girls quickly so we left, but not after having been there a couple of hours. She had started to get a lil frisky before we left and I mean handsy. I didn't really want it to be apparent so that was another reason we left pretty quick.

As soon as we got into the car, she grabbed my hand. We didn't even make it to the freeway before she took the red light opportunity to kiss me. We made out like school girls in my Ford Escape. It wasn't long before she was asking me to push my seat back and her hand went up my dress and my bicycle shorts were down around my ankles.

There is a big difference physically between a mans hand and an experienced lesbians when it's down below. It had been 2 years since I've had that knowing hand sliding in and out of my saturated pussy. Before she even touched me, I was wetter than the Strip of Vegas is bright. She was knuckles deep and that thumb was working my ring (hood) like seasoned pro. My excitement rose and fell over and over as she kept on building me up and bringing me crashing over each wave of ecstasy. It's been even more than two years since I've felt that level of pleasure especially sober.

To be continued...

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