l Trouble never felt so good part II l

| December 04, 2012 || 4:30 p.m. |

Being stretched out and naked is not a first in my car but being in the front seat with one foot on the ceiling and the other on the steering wheel was. I had my skirt up on my stomach and my tube top down below my breasts. That lil sundress has never been so wrinkled. Arching my back and tilting my pelvis up to fully receive all that she was giving; I came over and again until I finally begged for her to taste me. I had barely let that request leave my lips when I felt her bury her face to lap up my juices while she muttered that she would always taste me. I tried the best I could to pin her down and reluctantly she allowed me to feel her. I fumbled with my left hand to undo her jeans until I finally found that sweet, moist spot I had been craving. Her soft folds of flesh were hot and swollen with desire. I didnít have a lot of wiggle room if you will, but I managed pretty well considering how long itís been. Unfortunately I didnít spend nearly as much time on her as she did on me but hopefully we can make up for that later when I am allowed inÖ her home.

I finally had to call a cease fire as my hair was already messed up, I was sweating and couldnít handle being handled like that anymore if I was to head home soon which being after midnight on a work night, I was already more than likely in trouble.

I want more. I had hoped that maybe, perhaps, after something happened, maybe it wouldnít turn out to be all that I had cracked it up to be but unfortunately it is even more hot than I would have even imagined. Iím getting myself wet again just thinking about it.

I donít know what to do. All I can think about is getting her alone again; getting her into a private area that has a bed or at the very least a comfortable couch or chair. My lil Escape is just not made to be crawling over the center console. At one point I was actually perched atop that thing and she kept calling me her lil monkey. I donít mind being anything for her.

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