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| January 22, 2013 || 2:34 p.m. |

Had a wonderful New Year and I am so glad that I spent the evening with my Husband. I realized I was putting my friends in a very awkward position as well as just being plain selfish. When I stopped drinking and decided to join AA, I also pledged to live a life of honesty and integrity. Well I can�t have my sobriety and my cake & eat it too. I still think about her night and day but I can no longer text her in the presence of my husband and when I do text anyone late at night or in the evening I questioned about who and what I am texting.

I brought it all on myself and I couldn�t help but be honest with him about Angie. I couldn�t let myself tell him everything that has happened and it is in his and my own best interest to keep it that way, so he doesn�t know that anything has happened, but that both Angie and I want something to happen. At first he gave us permission to spend the night together to �get it out of my system� but recanted the next day after I had already booked the room and told her we were �good to go�.

Ugh, I know I need to finish this... it's been two weeks but the wedding is Saturday and I have too much going on.

Making choices. Hopefully the right ones.

As much as I WANT Angie. I love my husband. Decision made but it's also difficult to keep in action. Sex drives ya hard. I wanna drive her hard... STOP it!!

I'll try again to finish this post later.

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