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| December 27, 2012 || 12:35 p.m. |

Why is it so difficult to keep updated?!

Angie and I had another session so to speak but nothing quite as intense as that first occasion. I convinced her to take her day off and drive all over Texas with me for my work iPad mini trip. I drove over 400 miles to gather 30 mini iPads for Company Christmas gifts and I got one... We held hands, giggled and laughed, just enjoyed each others company while we drove around for 12 hours. I just is so refreshing to spend time with her and I don't get a lot of that time unless I go see her at the bar. I just quit working karaoke there as well. We were supposed to quit together but it is much more difficult to quit a job when you need to find another one to replace it. I don't need the money, I like the extra money every weekend but I also really like having two days off in a row and weekends.

Ugh. So many decisions to make and so little alone time with her. Every touch is exciting, every touch is electric.

How wrong is it that I want to somehow figure out how to spend my New Year's Eve with her and not with my Husband?

Crap, friend in need. Gotta go pick up a friend and take her to the hospital. Will type more later! Promise!! I have my new laptop by my bed & will be on it a whole lot more often.

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